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Welcome to CC Rider

The CC Rider came into existence to solve the ever increasing problem of not being able to get three and four year old bulls bucked.

Through six years of hard work, technology, and testing, the CC Rider has finally solved that problem.

The CC Rider is a scientifically designed mannequin that is placed on a bull like a traditional dummy and mimics the action of a cowboy. In addition to providing outs for three and four year old bulls, the CC Rider eliminates the need to have bullfighters present, and eliminates the risk and liability of getting a rider injured.

Each CC Rider is hand-built, bull tough, and tested by American Cowboys. The CC Rider has been tested by top bull contractors, including 6 time PBR Stock Contractor of the Year, D&H Cattle Company. With over 1000 outs under his belt, there have been no reported hang-ups of CC Rider.

While testing the CC Rider at D&H Cattle Company, Larry Gardner was asked to design a dummy for two year old bulls that incorporated the same state-of-the-art features as the CC Rider. The result is the CC Stealth, a dummy for two year old bulls that acquired its name from its sleek, sophisticated, and safe design.

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